Buddliea "Butterfly Bush"


For over thirty years Vineyard Gardens has been a community based landscaping and garden center on Martha's Vineyard. We provide personalized services and a high level of attention to detail.  We offer initial consultations, design development, plant expertise, installation, and maintenance to your garden and lawn. Each client and project is met with a high level of knowledge and proficiency. We respect your individual needs and varied design aesthetic, collaborating to transform your property into your own unique oasis. 


  CHUCK WILEY  /  OWNER       chuck@vineyardgardens.net     

CHUCK WILEY  /  OWNER  chuck@vineyardgardens.net


A GLIMPSE OF ME: I am the owner of Vineyard Gardens, a plant-aholic and an avid vegetable gardener.  WORK EXPERIENCE: I started with gardening at age 5 and continued  this passion for landscaping through high school and college.  I launched Vineyard Gardens in 1979 during my college summers when I was going to school for Plant and Soil Science at University of Vermont.   HOBBIES / TALENTS:  Golf, ice hockey, traveling, all aspects of nature and bird watching .  One particular talent is plant identification.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLANT?  American Holly is my favorite plant, the love of which I got from my mother an avid gardener.  It is one of the most adaptable evergreens, tolerating shade, drought , deer , salt spray and just about anything else with beautiful berries that birds love.  WHAT FOODS COULD YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT?  Salad, which may sound boring, but I love to eat and its one of the few things I can eat lots of and stay relatively thin. WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED?  Try not to worry about things you can’t control  WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU WERE BETTER AT?   Music, I love it but have no talent. WHAT SUPERPOWER WOULD YOU HAVE AND WHAT WOULD BE YOUR "KRYPTONITE"?  The ability to fly.  My kryptonite would be ice cream because I would eat so much I couldn’t get off the ground.

 CHRIS P. WILEY  /  OWNER    chris@vineyardgardens.net        

CHRIS P. WILEY  /  OWNER  chris@vineyardgardens.net



A GLIMPSE OF ME: Horticultural expert and greenhouse grower for over 30 years. WORK EXPERIENCE:  I started Vineyard Gardens Nursery over 30 years ago with one greenhouse. Now we have a total of fourteen greenhouses.  I was a former High School Science Teacher. I am a huge supporter of education just for the sake of learning because there is so much to know and such little time.   HOBBIES/ TALENTS:  I love the outdoors and  sports. I play golf, hockey, tennis and I love to ride my bike and take long walks. I have a passion for plants and animals.   WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU WERE BETTER AT?  I wish I was better at art and music. WHAT IS YOUR "KRYPTONITE"?  My “kryptonite”  is knowledge.

 LAURA HALE  /   NURSERY MANAGER        laura@vineyardgardens.net       

LAURA HALE  /   NURSERY MANAGER       laura@vineyardgardens.net



GLIMPSE OF ME: Born and raised on Martha's Vineyard. Attended UMass Dartmouth and graduated with a degree in management.  HOBBIES: Traveling, going  to the beach, walks with my dog Lily, swimming, and  being  outside    WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLANT?  Dahlias. They are so simple yet so complex. They are simply stunning!    WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED? "The cure for anything is salt water ." It’s my favorite quote and the motto for my life.

 JEREMIAH BROWN  jeremiah@vineyardgardens.net    

GLIMPSE OF ME: I started working at Vineyard Gardens in Oct 1989 on Friday the 13th.  HOBBIES: Woodworking, sharping tools and being outside.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLANT?  Plants are my passion and I honestly  love them all.  WHAT FOOD COULD YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT?  Vegetables. It's pure food from the earth that you can grow in your own backyard.  My wife and I grow our own vegetables and have a root cellar to store them for our winter vegetable supply.  WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED?  "Optimum attention, pay attention to the here and now."  My dad gave me this advice years ago and I practice it to this day. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? I will always call back and I will always be there when I say I will.