"Landscape designs should be intriguing, relaxing and pleasing.  Landscapes that frame the ocean or lie alongside ponds require special plantings and care.  Our work experience in such delicate areas ensures the respectful enhancement of these treasured properties.  Our constant delivery of excellence on all levels has earned the trust and confidence of our clients."  - Chuck Wiley

Vineyard Gardens provides full-service landscape management in West Tisbury, MA, from design to construction to maintenance.

Landscape Design

Each of our customers holds a unique vision of their landscape and property.  We work closely with you to develop your individual ideas.  Each project begins with an observation of your property, along with a deep understanding of what you wish to achieve. As your Martha's Vineyard community landscaper, we value your input because you are an integral part of the process. Beach Front, Coastal, and Pond properties present great rewards for gardeners.  However, no other location presents as many dramatic environmental conditions to be considered when creating a landscape design.  We have extensive experience with the regulations and agencies that govern these protected settings, and work to carefully obtain proper licenses and permits when preparing any landscape design or beginning any construction or maintenance project. 

Landscape Construction

Over the years we have created and installed many Island landscape designs. Transforming landscapes into a year long pallet of color, texture, rhythm and change is our passion.  We also know the value of balancing creativity with budgets and deadlines.  Our consistent delivery of excellence on all levels has earned the trust and confidence of our clients.  Let us turn your design dreams into a reality. Your landscape should be intriguing, relaxing and pleasing to the eye. 

Landscape Maintenance

It is natural for a landscape to change during the seasons and as plantings mature and grow. Vineyard Gardens offers a variety of maintenance services to help you retain the beauty of your landscape over time and protect your horticultural investment.

Our talented team is an excellent resource for horticultural care. Each team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations...and meets every challenge with a smile.   



  • MOWING and GARDEN MAINTENANCE CREW : Often complimented for their care of our customers' lawns and garden beds from season to season

  • LANDSCAPE CREW : Works carefully to prune and shape specimen trees and shrubs to optimize their health and appearance

  • IRRIGATION CREW : Known Island-wide for their professionalism and ability to install quality irrigation systems, pond features, and lighting.    

  • FULLY-LICENSED PESTICIDE APPLICATORS : will follow proper procedures to guard your plants against insects and disease


It's the time of year when you need to be extra vigilant about checking yourself and your animals for ticks. The University of Rhode Island TickEncounter Resource Center website is filled with important information for tick prevention, helping identify ticks and other tick questions you may have. If you do find a tick you can submit a photo to TickEncounter or you can send the tick to TickReport, a lab at U-Mass for testing. Once Tick Report receives your tick it will identify in 2-3 days any disease causing microbes the tick may be carrying, including pathogens that cause Lyme disease. These are wonderful services to ensure tick prevention and safety from bites!



Watch the process of building a large Koi pond from beginning to end. Our hard working landscape architects of Vineyard Gardens show off their skills and passion for the land.


  • Cracked or broken branches can’t heal themselves like bones do, so normally the right thing to do is remove them. Trying to retain them with cables or such will almost always fail over time.

  • Remove the damaged branches by cutting them back to a healthy branch. Make the cut roughly a half inch past the intersection of the two branches; you should see a slight swelling at this intersection. You want to leave the swelling on the tree, as that's where the tree will callous and seal off the wound.

  • Evergreens that have lost their leader or topmost branch will normally regrow, but if they form multiple leaders, choose the strongest central one, then cut the others back at least a foot below the main one; do not allow these to grow past the new central one.

  • Most deciduous shrubs (those that lose their leaves) can be pruned very hard in the early spring, and will regrow. They may not flower the first year but will in subsequent years. This hard pruning after storm damage can also apply to any overgrown deciduous shrub. Good candidates are forsythia, lilac, viburnum, and privet.



Vineyard Gardens year-round property landscaping production facility in West Tisbury is in the final stages of installing a parking canopy complete with solar arrays.  As an avid environmentalist the goal to source alternative energy for Vineyard Gardens has been a long held objective for co-owner Chuck Wiley. Now that the technology has become more readily available and the concern for climate change has heightened, Chuck knew it was time to make this happen. Check out our latest blog post to learn more.

Chuck Wiley standing under their new solar canopy.


Stone walkway

Stone walkway

Granite walkway

Garden Boxes

Rock wall

Bocci Ball Court

Stone Firepit

Bluestone patio and walkway

Stone staircase and wall

Stone wall